Building a Fairly Governed Economy

Crown supports a decentralized governance system (CDGP) to manage the network and implement changes. With this innovative approach, all community members running a masternode with stake in the network can vote on which project proposals the platform will back.

The CDGP has two core functions:

1. Choosing platform direction

2. Fund platform development

How it works

1. 25% of each created CRW block is paid out in one monthly "Superblock"

2. Developers, contributors, community members submit proposals

3. Masternode operators use their voting right and vote

4. If at least 10% of the network agrees on a proposal (after subtracting the total number of ‘no’ votes), the project is funded!

Submit your proposal and help to shape

the future of Crown

What do you need?

25 CRW

A great idea

Your proposal can be virtually anything. New blockchain applications, network updates & improvements, marketing strategies, awesome projects—the possibilities are endless!