Storing Crown tokens (CRW) #safely

CRW tokens are stored using free wallet software. Once installed, your computer or mobile device stores and safeguards your CRW.

Desktop wallets

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Windows Wallet installation tutorial MAC OS Wallet installation tutorial


Speedy installation

Downloading the CRW desktop wallet for the first time? Use the bootstrap file for a speedy installation of the blockchain. Follow the instructions in the file.

Download latest bootstrap

Mobile wallets

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 Google Play

Hardware wallets

Keep your CRW safe in a Trezor Model One and Trezor T.
  • Model One
  • Trezor T
CRW Trezor tutorial

3 steps to secure your Crown tokens...

1. Store CRW

Now that you have a Crown wallet, you can start storing bought, traded or staked CRW tokens. CRW purchased through a cryptocurrency exchange must be withdrawn to your Crown wallet to ensure secure storage. If you want to run a Systemnode or Masternode to start earning CRW through block rewards and minting, your wallet will connect with your Crown server through a remote, automatically storing the CRW in your wallet that you earn for immediate use.

2. Encryption

Crown Wallet Encryption

You can encrypt your wallet by creating a passphrase. This effectively locks your wallet to prevent any of your tokens from being spent without your permission. This means that even if a hostile party gains access to your device, they won’t be able to spend your CRW without knowing your unique passphrase. This precautionary step is even more essential if you’re running a Crown wallet on a mobile device or a computer that isn’t 100% private.

3. Backup

Wallet Backups

Backing up your Crown wallet will ensure that you can access its stored tokens in the event of a critical device failure or a hack. We recommend saving backups of your Crown wallet on multiple external drives to guarantee a successful recovery.