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Getting Started With The Crown Platform

Crown is much more than a leading digital token and application platform—it represents an opportunity to create new ideas and services that add meaningful value to the world. Explore below to learn more about Crown and the benefits it can deliver.

Why Crown tech?

As the cryptocurrency landscape shifts and evolves, new blockchain application platforms continue to emerge, each of them experimental and eager to make an impact on this incredible technological space. If you’re interested in contributing to one of these experiments, it’s imperative to know which one offers the most potential value and utility.

Crown was built on two guiding principles that influence every aspect of how the platform is run: integrity and transparency. Our goal is to build a community of dedicated users unified under one vision—a free and open-access decentralized sandbox economy enabled by blockchain technology.

The Crown Community is unlike any other group in the crypto space. Our focus is on creating a sustainable application platform for developers, merchants and communities. By joining us, you benefit from a wealth of advantages born from blockchain technology. But more importantly, you are afforded an opportunity to usher in social and technological changes that improve the way we live.

Fostering Innovation

A small portion of each Crown block is added to the Crown Proposal System, a pool of CRW that community members can use to fund new businesses, applications, or projects to further the platform. By submitting a proposal and convincing enough community members to approve it, your project will receive all of the funding and support it needs to succeed.

Safety & Security

The Crown blockchain acts as both a payment service and a secure storage space for sensitive, immutable information. You can leverage this feature to provide maximal security for any private data, keeping key internal assets safe and accessible.

Financial Benefits

Crown utilizes incentivized nodes to validate CRW transactions and host applications. By setting up and operating one of these servers, you will receive a portion of the block rewards for helping maintain the network.

Legal Compliance

The Crown platform prioritizes compliance with legal regulations. The platform provides the infrastructure for legal contracts to take place on the network, but these are not the only type of transactions that can take place on the network.


The Crown Platform employs democratically elected agents to provide identification verification for its services. Crown also has an open blockchain (no anonymous send features) so that the network can be sure that funds are not misused by any organization or individual. Governments, NGOs, and businesses cannot hide where they are sending their funds.


Crown’s self-regulated economy empowers the community with stake in the network to vote on prospective network changes, projects and community practices. Every member running a Systemnode or Masternode has a say in every major decision the platform takes.


Crown’s Proposal System enables the network to fund applications, businesses and projects that garner user support, fostering innovation and progress through community collaboration.

How does Crown work

Crown functions as both a digital token and an application platform. Crown tokens can be obtained by setting up incentivized nodes or by trading for it with fiat or other cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. The Crown Platform can be employed by developers to create and host new economy applications.


Crown can be staked through an industry leading node-only Proof-of-Stake mechanism. By staking Crown, you help the network confirm transactions and assist in maintaining the Crown blockchain. You earn a portion of CRW for each block of transactions your masternodes and systemnodes randomly processes.


You can trade Crown tokens against Bitcoin and other altcoins through online exchanges. Until Crown is supported on a truly decentralised exchange, like BlockDX, we recommend using one of our partner exchanges—like Bittrex—to securely trade tokens. We also recommend only leaving coins on an exchange while you are trading them; do not store your coins there long term.

Building Applications

Enterprising individuals and businesses can build and operate new economy applications with the Crown Platform. These applications run on highly secure servers that provide both scalability and fault-tolerance.

Community-Driven Platform

Joining the Crown Community

Crown is ultimately a community-driven platform. Its potential to bring social and technological growth is contingent on the ideas and support its users provide. We invite you to lend your voice and imagination to this burgeoning platform and share in its success. Together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

Crown Master Node

Systemnodes are dedicated servers that host user applications and provide additional security to the Crown network. Masternodes are dedicated servers that provide services to the network. Each time your node contributes to the processing of a Crown block, you receive a payment of CRW tokens.

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Trade Crown and Crown Wallet

To trade, purchase or spend Crown, you need to download a free wallet software to hold and protect your CRW tokens. Your online wallet can be backed up and restored in the event of a computer failure or system migration.

Wallets and trading