Running a global, open-source and community governed #ASSETchain since 2014

Crown Platform is an established digital token (CRW), powered by an environment-friendly, Masternode Proof of Stake blockchain, enabling all users to stake CRW, use a voting right to shape the code, build decentralised applications and tokenise assets via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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4 years with crown

Ashot (Armenia)


Passionate about blockchain technology, awesome community behind.  

2 years with crown

pablon (Cuba)

Contributor, Developer

Decentralized community. Fast, secure and collaborative blockchain platform.

3 years with crown

walkjivefly (Spain)

Contributor, Node operator, Developer

A less resource-intensive, more accessible Bitcoin alternative.

2 years with crown

Paul Jenkinson (United Kingdom)

Contributor, Node operator, Developer

Good solid team with long term goals.

4 years with crown

Artem (Ukraine)


Community, interesting development project, new generation of governance

3 years with crown

Yintao (Spain)


A community project in which anyone can contribute their ideas and the network votes on them.

3 years with crown

EZ Masternodes (Brazil)

Contributor, Node operator, Developer

Best solution for PoS.

1 year with crown

adrianhdez929 (Cuba)

Contributor, Developer

I feel here like a home, when you can count with each member and help each other to move on, creating an ecosystem of financial and cooperation always trying to make what’s the best for the project.

3 years with crown

Ahmed Bodiwala (United Kingdom)

Contributor, Node operator, Developer

Crown to me is one of the old giants. Innovative, Stable, Reliable. A coin with a purpose

1 year with crown

DiazRock (Cuba)

Contributor, Node operator, Developer

A great community. Great innovation.