Storing Crown tokens (CRW)#safely

CRW tokens are stored using free wallet software. Once installed, your computer stores and safeguards your CRW.

crown shape
crown shape

Desktop Wallets


Speedy Installation

Downloading the CRW desktop wallet for the first time? Use the bootstrap file for a speedy installation of the blockchain. Follow the instructions in the file.

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crown shape

Light Wallets

My Crown Wallet

My Crown Wallet

A simple webwallet built by the devs at Crown Cuba for storing and transacting with smaller amounts of Crown.

Hardware Wallets

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Wallet

Keep your CRW safe in a Trezor Model One and Trezor T.

3 steps to secure your Crown tokens...

1. Store CRW

Now that you have a Crown wallet, you can start storing bought, traded or staked CRW tokens. CRW purchased through a cryptocurrency exchange must be withdrawn to your Crown wallet to ensure secure storage. If you want to run a Systemnode or Masternode to start earning CRW through block rewards and minting, your wallet will connect with your Crown server through a remote, automatically storing the CRW in your wallet that you earn for immediate use.

2. Encryption

Crown Wallet Encryption

You can encrypt your wallet by creating a passphrase. This effectively locks your wallet to prevent any of your tokens from being spent without your permission. This means that even if a hostile party gains access to your device, they won’t be able to spend your CRW without knowing your unique passphrase. This precautionary step is even more essential if you’re running a Crown wallet on a mobile device or a computer that isn’t 100% private.

3. Backup

Wallet Backups

Backing up your Crown wallet will ensure that you can access its stored tokens in the event of a critical device failure or a hack. We recommend saving backups of your Crown wallet on multiple external drives to guarantee a successful recovery.
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