Crown Nodes

Interested to help power the Crown network? Run a Masternode or Systemnode and earn CRW rewards in exchange.

Node layer specifications:

Full nodes

  • No collateral
  • The QT desktop wallet functions as a full node
  • Voting Right in CDGP: No
  • No rewards
Run QT Wallet


  • 10,000 CRW collateral
  • Voting Right in CDGP: Yes
  • Receives: 0.925 CRW / from total block (2.5 CRW)
  • Receives minter rewards in 19/20 blocks (0.75 CRW)
Install Script > MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE Active Masternodes >


  • 500 CRW collateral
  • Voting Right in CDGP: No
  • Receives: 0.20 CRW / from total block (2.5 CRW)
  • Receives minter rewards in 1/20 blocks (0.75 CRW)
Install Script > SYSTEMNODE SETUP GUIDE Active Systemnodes >

Operational overview

Full Nodes



Creation of blocks

Instant X transactions

Validation of blocks


Validation of transactions

Setting up an incentivised Node in three easy steps…

1. Acquire CRW

Before establishing a Crown node, you’ll need to put up either 500 or 10,000 CRW as collateral. You can easily purchase CRW tokens through an exchange using conventional fiat money or cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins. Also, bear in mind that you will need to install the free Crown wallet software to store and protect your CRW before investing it in a node.

2. Get a Server

To operate a Crown node, you will need to set up a VPS (virtual private server). We recommend looking into a partner like Allnodes, EZ_Masternodes, Nodemasters, Polisnodes because they can host your node for only a few dollars each month and automatically update to the newest Crown protocol. However, for the security and decentralisation of the Crown blockchain, it is always better to rent your own VPS, without relying on third parties. Explore VPS hosting providers

3. Run Crown Software

Once you have a virtual private server, you will need to run the Crown Wallet. Once you have gone through the installation process, the VPS will be tied directly to your Crown wallet through a remote, and CRW tokens will automatically be added to it as it runs.

4. Maintaining Nodes

Now that your Crown node is up and running, all you have to do is maintain it and enjoy your well-earned CRW! Our nodes do not require operator input to run, so all you have to worry about is ensuring that your machine’s internet, parts and electricity supply aren’t compromised. It’s as simple as that.